Dr. Patrick Duggan


Dr Duggan graduated in 1977 and has been in general practice since 1983.

He is a specialist in orthopaedic/sports medicine, having received the diploma in sports medicine, TCD in 1991. He was awarded a fellowship of the facility of Sports and Exercise Medicine from the RCSI/RCPI in 2002.

Dr Duggan was doctor to the Dublin Senior Football team for many years. He was also founding Chairman of the medical/scientific committee in Croke Park.

He is currently on the sports science expert group in Croke Park. He was a board member of the facility of sports and exercise medicine RCPI for three years.

He has been medical officer to Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club for his 30 years.

He is also medical officer to Bray Wanderers Soccer Club, as well as St Joseph’s Boys Soccer.

Dr Duggan’s main clinical interests are in the role that fitness can play in the prevention of heart disease and the role that strength training plays in ‘healthy ageing’

In Carysfort he runs the “Medical Fitness Clinic” the details of which are below 

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